Criw Celf Wrexham. Our 2017 so far…

Criw Celf Wrexham. Our 2017 so far…

Just a snapshot of the artistic activities currently happening during this year’s Criw Celf Wrexham.
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Criw Celf Naw, our oldest group, enjoyed a day of screenprinting with artist, Tara Dean.
Starting with line drawings based on natural forms, Tara taught the group how to layer their designs to create intricate and colourful prints.
They experimented with linocut prints by carving foam pieces, and using printing ink to create their own pop art inspired designs.
The result was a wonderful collection of brightly coloured prints, some inspired by abstract forms, and some by illustration.

Sara-Jane, a ceramicist based in Wrexham, showed out Criw Celf Naw group the art of ceramic decoration. The group were able to study Sara-Jane’s existing work, noticing how she creates the fluidity of line and layering of imagery to create her distinctive style.
Each participant was then given their own biscuit fired pinch pot to decorate in their own distinctive style. For many, this was their first attempt at ceramic decoration and they enjoyed learning this new skill.

Criw Celf Naw were able to learn more about self-portraiture from painter and illustrator, Ellie Williams. Ellie’s workshop, “The Art of the Selfie” uses the self-portrait to inspire learning; helping pupils learn about their own identity, society and their place within it. This workshop supported the use of portraiture across the curriculum focussing on History, Art, Literacy and Citizenship.
Her focus for the day was on the idea that there is no such thing as the perfect portrait but how they see themselves explored through experimentation and above all the limits of their imagination.

Criw Celf Naw will go on to work with three more artists: Heather Wilson, James Story and Sarah Bowker-Jones.

More updates about Criw Celf Wyth to follow!