Helfa Gelf Bus Trip

Helfa Gelf Bus Trip

At the end of September Criw Celf Gwynedd, Conwy and Anglesey attended a Helfa Gelf bus tour around some of Gwynedd’s artist studios and exhibitions.

We started the day at Oriel Pendeitsh in Caernarfon where artist Vivienne Rickman-Poole led a mark making master class. Criw Celf members and their families created their very own sketchbooks which they then went on to fill using drawing techniques which Viv had demonstrated to them. Through using different types of charcoal and inspired by the art work around them each member enjoyed experimenting in their new sketchbooks.

After this session we carried on with our journey and headed to Parc Glynllifon. After a spot of lunch at the Black Cat Café the Criw Celf members visited one of Glynllifon’s studio spaces called Creu. There we were welcomed by artists Laura Cameron, Sioned Hywel and Sarah Key. Both Laura and Sioned gave a very interesting talk about the work that they produce and what inspires them. Criw Celf members took this opportunity to ask questions and to also look at individual pieces which the artists had produced. Sarah Key then went on to run a drawing and painting master class which the Criw Celf members and their families really enjoyed.

Once back on the bus we then travelled to Steve Gee’s studio where we had a warm welcome and a look around his home and outside studio. All Criw Celf members really enjoyed seeing a professional artists working environment. Where ever you looked you could see inspirational images, finished art work and also work in progress.

We finished off the afternoon at Bocs in Caernarfon where we had a look at some of the artists who were exhibiting their work there.